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Because our business helps to improve your future bottom line, Grid One Solutions trains its employees so that today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievements. Whatever the project, be it AMI / AMR deployments, implementing demand response and energy management programs, contracted meter reading, field service work, utility asset inspections / audits, storm / emergency support, pole maintenance, pole restoration, infrared inspection or call center operations, our project teams are prepared to meet your goals and expectations.

Our training includes topics such as correct use of tools, proper work performance, professional driving skills, OSHA requirements, field ambassador skills, worker efficiency and time management.

Engrained in our training programs is safety. To ensure that we manage our work scope within all safety guidelines, we hold daily pre-job meetings, weekly meetings, and when necessary, workplace stand downs to discuss high-urgency topics.

We audit our training programs through field observations, job performance evaluations and quality team field audits.