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Implementing Demand Response & Energy Management Programs

“The next cycle of innovation in power delivery to consumers will require engaging them in unprecedented ways,” says Neel Gulhar who works in smart grid implementation for Baltimore Gas and Electric (from “BGE Engages Customers” T&D World, July 2011).

Grid One Solutions aims to be a trusted partner in engaging consumers to support a utility’s Demand Response and Energy Management Programs.

Smart meters and other energy saving technologies in the home will only smooth out peak demand if consumers understand the benefits of using them. Grid One can assist in delivering those technologies to consumers, along with information, so that utility customers will actively conserve energy.

Call Center & Field Resources At Your Fingertips

Save time and money by using the friendly and professional Call Center staff at Grid One to deliver the information your customers need. They can then schedule appointments for our skilled field technicians to safely install devices such as:

  • Programmable thermostats
  • Switches for air conditioning units, electric water heaters, pool pumps and other high-wattage appliances
  • Motion-activated indoor and outdoor lighting
  • While on site, Grid One technicians can politely work with customers to make sure they understand the technology. They can also:

  • Collect appliance data for load research
  • Perform a complete home energy audit to identify additional ways for the customer to conserve energy
  • When it’s time to shed load during peak demand and save your customers money, Grid One has the resources to help implement your Demand Response and Energy Management Program.